When the Pressures Of Taking Care Of Health-Compromised Parents, It Is Easy Take Out Your Frustration On You Spouse

Are you also tempted to vent your anger and frustration at everyone in the general vicinity?
Perhaps you are in the same boat. The sick or injured people in your life are already suffering enough. Don’t you sometimes want to blame them for your loss of freedom and increased responsibility?

Do you lash out at your spouse?
Often, your spouse is the only available target that you know will take the abuse. You know they will still hang in there because of their love. It is definitely not fair or wise to do so, but it happens.

Isn’t that the way of life…the guilty escape punishment and the innocent suffer? 
When sickness or injury strikes, it is difficult to determine who are the guilty parties…the sick person, God, the driver of the car that caused the accident, etc. When bad things happen to good people, the question of guilt seems to always pop up. The answer is not so simple.

No one should be the subject of a massive, destructive tongue lashing.
It is so easy to blame others for our misfortunes. Satan definitely wants to hear you scream at your sick or injured parents, children, siblings or other family member, “You ruined my life. You are a cripple because you didn’t take my advice! How could you be so stupid. You deserve it. I am so sick of changing your dirty diapers, washing your genitals, cleaning up the stinking poop and rancid urine and washing the defiled sheets and blankets.” Only a saint would not have these thoughts occasionally flash through their mind…and perhaps they experience the same feelings but handle them better.

Showing true love really hurts when you have to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus.
Isn’t that the basic message of Jesus Christ…take up your cross and follow me. It does take a lot of grace, faith and hope to take this path. Sometimes, the path is so difficult!

The picture of Jesus carrying us when we can go no further is so inspiring.
The burdens to bear are often more than we can handle through our own efforts and resources. It is comforting to know that God is good and has a awesome plan for our lives?

When I decided to “Trust the Lord with all my heart, lean not on my own understanding, acknowledge Him in in all my ways and He would direct my path.” was I really ready for the consequences?
Who would have imagined taking care of two sick parents would be my eventual reality. Is it possible to be a suffering servant continually without a mental and spiritual breakdown?

The major challenges of faith and love are a part of the human condition.
How do people survive without the help of the Creator? When burdens get so heavy, only the groaning of the spirit is possible. When we cannot pray, it is comforting to know that the Holy Spirit prays for us and expresses our deepest sorrow and endless petitions for help.

“Love hurts!” is the secret part of this emotion few of us want to experience.
You often don’t realize the truth of this statement until you go through some event where you have to personally sacrifice something in your life for others. The idols in their lives are often more beloved that the human beings populating our personal univers.

What are your idols?
Perhaps material possessions, driving your SUV or Porsche, working out, surfing, bike riding, etc. are the things you love the most. Man, do I ever miss going to the gym. Working out for an hour a day was a joy while it lasted. Now the option to leave when ever I want is not possible…this really hurts.

Doing whatever you want whenever you want is one of the greatest joys in life…without consequences or responsibility.
Can you still remember when you were a youth and your parents took care of all the details? You had the almost total freedom to do whatever you wanted, with few consequences.

Did you ever think, “I am so sick of not being free to do my own thing, live on my own, make a living and buy the thinks I want?”
Most people do! At this point in my life my thought process is, “What in the world was I thinking?”

Do you long to go back to the days of your youth when your major concerns were a date on Friday and Saturday nights?
Yes, I certainly do. Perhaps, every generation, not just us babyboomers go through the same thing. As parents age, disease rears it’s ugly head. The scary thing is that we are on that same pathway.

What will our children do when it is our turn to be invalids?